On September 20th 2016, professor Shaojie Shen was invited by the 2016 Symposium on Research and Application in Computer Vision (RACV 2016) to have a talk about “Robust Autonomous Flight in Cluttered Environment”, on the panel of Computer Vision for Robotics at Shanghai Technology University. In recent years, computer vision technology has gradually become the focus of research and development of major companies, gave birth to a wide array of representative fist and conceptual products. A variety of computer vision technology as the core selling point of the entrepreneurial companies are spring up, booming at domestic and abroad, attracting a large number of venture capital. This panel invited the IT enterprises that carry out a large-scale development in the aspects of computer vision technology, and the companies at the start-up stage, to discuss the status quo and future development computer vision industry, and focused on some hot topics to have open debate and viewpoint expression.

With the decrease of cost on mass data acquisition and processing, and the wide application of deep learning method, computer vision technology has made great strides. Apart from the breakthrough in image semantic segmentation, and object recognition and other problems, the computer vision technology also began to serve as the core function and combine with various types of intelligent system combination. A typical application will be the visual perception system of intelligent robot. The professionals work on computer vision technology was invited to discuss on the 3D/semantic perception towards the environment, active target tracking detection, identity attribute recognition, and explore its application and future development.


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